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Nutrition care,
the smart way

NooryMed is the smart way to provide nutrition care. A couple of clicks and your patients know what to eat in the comfort of their homes.

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Our mission

Bringing nutrition to the forefront of healthcare

Discover our revolutionary digital nutrition management system which combines health expertise and leading-edge technology to make your job more impactful.

With NooryMed you can extend your care beyond the clinic. Provide your patients support in the comfort of their own home. With features such as personalised meal plans and tailored resources available at their fingertips, your patients will feel more in control over their condition.

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The best of what we bring to you

Personally tailored meal plans

A powerful engine that automatically generates meal plans tailored to individual needs.

Remote patient progress monitoring

A system that allows you to monitor your patients' food intake, symptoms and side effects.

Trustworthy and reliable

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A trusted approach based on medical grade standards.

Streamlined nutrition care

Easier and smarter way to enhance patients' care before, during and after treatment.

Secure data

Secure data storage and protection according to strict standards and GDPR compliant.

Dietitian-led technology

Product created by experts in nutrition and dietetics.

How it works

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Healthcare professionals use NooryMed to effortlessly create a nutrition profile for their patients.

NooryMed sends the information to Noory, which generates personalised meal plans for patients based on their nutrition profile.

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Patients receive a QR code to complete their Noory profile with taste and lifestyle preferences.

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Patients get access to fully tailored meal plans that meet their individual needs, along with a convenient food logging system for effortless tracking of nutritional progress.

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Healthcare providers can remotely monitor nutritional intake, symptoms and treatment side effects, facilitating high quality nutrition care.

Experience the next level of nutrition care

Join the future of healthcare with NooryMed. Make nutrition part of your workflow, align the nutritional intake of patients with treatment plans, and experience the impact.

Patient support beyond the clinic while lifting the quality of care

NooryMed offers a digital nutrition management system for use in:


Breast cancer nutrition

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Weight management


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