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Discover NooryMed

Leveraging standard care with nutrition

Using nutrition to make healthcare more impactful and patient-centric.

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With NooryMed you can:

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Log patient data

Provide meal plans with ease

Monitor diet adherence and health status

Log patient data

Efficiently log patient data and NooryMed automatically creates a nutrition plan according to the patient's dietary requirements.

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Provide meal plans with ease

The patient's nutrition profile is automatically converted into a matching personal meal plan that is available for the patient in a secured environment.

Monitor diet adherence and health status

Monitor the patient's diet adherence and health status to enable timely interventions, fostering proactive management of individual nutrition goals and overall health outcomes.

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Why choose NooryMed

Trusted remote nutrition management

Explore how NooryMed seamlessly combines nutrition expertise with user-friendly technology. We are dedicated to making your job easier and more impactful.

Beyond the clinic

With NooryMed, you can extend your care beyond the clinic. Our platform allows healthcare professionals to monitor patient progress with ease and provide ongoing support that is accessible to patients in the comfort of their own home.

Personalised support

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Allow your patients to experience the power of personalised care, with features such as tailored meal plans and educational resources. At NooryMed we help you to ensure that your patients always feel supported on their health journey.

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Seamless integration

NooryMed connects to Noory

NooryMed works together with Noory to connect healthcare professionals and their patients, enhancing nutrition care.

Experience next-level nutrition management

Join the future of healthcare with NooryMed. Streamline patient nutrition management, enhance adherence, and elevate outcomes with ease.

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